Deneland Valley

Over bold Kobold

Following the battle with the nasty beasties, our adventurers continue their nightly rest. Kara scouts the perimeter of the camp and Steve keeps basic watch till morning.

The next morning Kara speaks with passing patrols and finds out that the local baddies are just too numerous, even for the increased patrols to keep up with.

Steve uses his thespian abilities to ingratiate himself in the near by town, Arelumid, to gather information.
He finds a town that has gone down in the world. A once thriving trade route, the receding of the lake has turned their major tributary into a raging waterfall, making water transportation neigh on impossible. When he inquires about the parties destination, he is informed that no one goes that way. If they do, they likely don’t return. Further information regarding thuggery is given, but our noble adventures could care less. They have a job on hand.

Steve returns to the party and divulges the information he has gained and the party proceeds on their way. While leaving the vicinity of the town they are approached by a well meaning towns person who warns them of the dangers, and expresses surprise upon learning that they are the ones sent to handle the situation.

Of course the party is attacked by nasty overly bold kobolds in the light of day and have to pull out many things from their bag of tricks to avoid this being the end of their adventure.



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