Deneland Valley

The saga begins

So you're in a tavern....

A messenger named Dolmek from the cathedral to Avendra in Greater Tilian came to the temple in Lesser Tilian to inform Karatarea (aka Kara) that demihuman raiders have been using grounds owned by the church as a base. He took a while to get to the point which annoyed Kara. Kara asked Rex and Delta (who dropped from the rafters) to escort Dolmek out, but agreed to take care of the job. As they began preparing to go, Kara told Delta to find the owner of the dog he “trapped” and told Rex to take some herbs to help prevent accidental breath weapon discharge. As Delta went looking for the Dog’s owner he came across an old man with a short friend. After determining that neither were the owner, Delta continued to see if the owner happened to be in a tavern.
The old man (Steve Oldemagick) was encouraged by his short friend Pepe to find some work, as there wasn’t much work for actors in the area. They headed to the temple where after Steve revealed he was quite young and wouldn’t keel over immediately, he was hired on. After everybody got back together, they gathered their travelling items and hit the road.
At their first night on the road, their camp was attacked by a couple kobolds, a couple fire beetles and a stirge. After destroying them with almost no damage to themselves, they finished their night’s rest.


To be fair, Kara was very kind to this long winded officiant. He really should not have failed to grant the proper respect due to a Eladrin.

The saga begins

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