Aladron is the nation to the north of Lake Deneland.

Aladron is bordered to the East by the mountain Bomonol and to the west by the Sunset Fenlands. From the North comes the river Dormceaster whose valley has the trade route leading to the great west trade routes, as well as the river Asca whose valley has the trade route leading to the great easter trade routes. The mountain between these valleys to the north is called Divide Mountain, if it had another name it has largely been forgotten to time.

Cities and Towns
Great Tilian-capital and meeting point of the trade routes
Lesser Tilian-second largest city of Aladron, growing in influence due to it being so close to so many major ports
Port Grey-major fishing port
Arelumid-town near Arelumid Falls
Bend-farming village along the Asca River

Aladron began as a small trading camp town where humans were allowed to meet the Dwarves of the mountain Bomonol. As more humans moved to the area to set up permanent businesses and as dwarves continues to leave the area to look for greater opportunities elsewhere, humans assumed full control of the lakefront. As humans claimed lands encroaching on dwarven regions, this led to the Battle of the Hammer.
After the Battle of the Hammer, the human’s victorious battle general Aladron Tilian became the Lord of the Valley, which has been controlled by his descendants ever since.
At about 200 years (before start of the campaign) the water level began dropping in the lake for fifty years, resulting in a large farmable land mass with several rivers. This area was swiftly annexed by Aladron and many citizens moved across the lake to begin farming, as the north was largely rocky and infertile away from the rivers.
As more civilians moves across the lake, various creatures (goblins, kobolds, etc.) began moving in on Aladron and raiding smaller villages and caravans. Aladron began taxing the south heavily to fund soldiers and counter-raiding parties in attempt to pacify the region.
The southern lands first protested, then openly revolted leading to the War of Lake Deneland and the creation of the nations of Fermeham to the south and the independent island nation of Haven.
Aladron and Fermeham still have strained relations often meeting on Haven for trade talks. Aladron still has troubles with raiding creatures to this date.

Fermeham-there is still lots of resentment between the two countries, but they maintain a relationship as the only way for Fermeham to get trade items is through Aladron and the best food source for Aladron is Fermeham.
Baruman’s Atil-The eldest Dwarves still have some resentment towards the humans they view as upstarts, but trade remains good between those who have cooler heads.


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